Team page for Titans Youth Lacrosse of Attleboro and Norton Massachusetts

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In order to provide the best coaching experience for our players, Titans Youth Lacrosse coaches are required to be certified by the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League.


In order to become MBYLL certified you must have the following:

  1. A valid USLacrosse membership good through June 30 of the current year (paid by Titans)
  2. Be CORI checked by your town program each year (this is State Law)
  3. Complete a Positive Coaching Alliance on-line course. This is paid for by MBYLL when you register with us. You will get a code to enter which waives the fee when you take it at the PCA website. You are only required to take this one time, however PCA offers multiple courses and we encourage you to take additional ones to enhance our Positive Coaching culture.
  4. Complete the online CEP Level 1 Men's course on the USLacrosse website. This is included as part of your dues when you join USLacrosse. This course is only required one time, but again we encourage our coaches to take the Level 2 course as your coaching career progresses.
  5. Complete the USLacrosse online course titled How to Make Proper Contact, which is free to all US Lacrosse members. 
  6. Complete one of the MBYLL in person courses listed above every two years. In addition to rules constantly changing, we feel that the progression offered will keep it very worthwhile.


US Lacrosse Coaching Education:

The US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program is the surest way to access everything you need to know to be a great lacrosse coach. Learn the art of effective lacrosse coaching with this nationally-recognized program designed by experts in the field.



Positive Coaching Alliance (required once):

"Better Athletes, Better People"

PCA’s philosophy focuses on sports as an opportunity for character education, espousing the Double-Goal Coach, whose first goal is winning, and whose second, more important goal is teaching life lessons through sports.

Positive Coaching Alliance has three national goals:

  1. Replace "win-at-all-cost" coaching with Double-Goal Coaching
  2. Help youth sports organization leaders create a culture in which "Honoring the Game" is the norm
  3. Spark and fuel a "social epidemic" of Positive Coaching in the United States